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We have had a fun and busy week here! We ended it by celebrating Stephen’s 5th birthday yesterday! Here is a little peek from our week!

photo (81)
Everyone was helping Daddy put Emma’s new bed together.

photo (82)
Stephen loves to “help” Pete mow!

photo (83)
We love going to Chipotle! On Thursday Pete had a doctor’s appointment that went late so we ended up with an impromptu date night at Chipotle. It’s usually where we go without kids. Did you know you can make it at home and taste as good as the real thing, if not better? Try my recipe for a Chipotle Style Burrito Bowl – New Site!

DSCF0031 photo (84)
We celebrated Stephen’s 5th birthday on Friday. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe he’s already 5! The baby picture is one of Stephen’s first days at home.

photo (85)
Here is our wild family picture. It was the best one we could do. Emma was trying so hard to get her fingers into the icing and Stephen was just being silly because it was his birthday!

These Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches were the hit recipe of the week. I made it for the teens for an activity last Saturday. I made some modifications to the recipe. Stay tuned for the post!

My sister-in-law launched her new blog this week! It’s pretty amazing! My very talented brother designed it!

We are praising the Lord for three specific things this week. One, Emma is sleeping! She has not slept through the night since October and the two of us are exhausted! I’m so thankful she is now going to sleep on her own and sleeping all night (hopefully this won’t jinx it!). Second, Pete had a good report at the doctor on Thursday regarding his migraines. We still need to see a neurologist but for now, his doctor thinks the medicine is working and that if he were not on this medicine, the migraines would be much worse. Third, we are praising God for 5 wonderful years with Stephen! He is such a blessing to our family!

Have a great weekend!