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Oven Fried Apples | Kathy's Kitchen Table

When I go to place like Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans (you know, the places that serve breakfast all day) I almost always order breakfast. And not just pancakes or waffles. I get the platter that has a little bit of every breakfast food. But I seem to be the only one who really enjoys eating breakfast in our family. No one else relishes in it like I do.

Occasionally, I will make breakfast for dinner. I don’t do it often. I have often heard that making breakfast for dinner is a way to save money and time during dinner. I’m not so sure I see it that way. I think that breakfast foods can be expensive. Have you seen the price of bacon?! And I surely don’t think it’s all that fast to make breakfast for dinner. I for one, don’t always enjoy standing over the skillet flipping pancakes while my 2 year old is screaming to be held. Plus, everything seems to need to use the stove top.

This is where I find these Oven Fried Apples fabulous! For those times when I really am craving breakfast for dinner I just plop the sliced apples into the pan and then straight into the oven where they get good and juicy with no hands on time needed. The hardest part about this is peeling, coring and slicing the apples. But once you take care of the apples, this recipe is a breeze!

So, the next time you are craving breakfast for dinner, give these apples a try. They a so much easier than frying them on the stove top!

Oven Fried Apples | Kathy's Kitchen Table

Oven Fried Apples

The Recipe for Oven Fried Apples can be found at our new site – KathysKitchenTable.com. Please make sure to update your links & bookmarks!