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This week has been such fun! We were away to visit family in Cincinnati and had so much fun! Here are some pictures from the week.

photo (5)photo (3)photo (4)
We decided to take our 6 year old, 110 pound, golden retriever with us on this trip. Since we sold our car, we upgraded to a van and had plenty of room for him! Except, I wasn’t so sure how it would turn out when he ran away and my husband had to chase after him as we were try to load up the car. Thankfully, he was good and has been great the whole trip. We even had my brother who was along for half the trip to pick up his car from a previous trip.

photo (6) photo (7) photo (8) IMG_20130331_095018 (1)
Easter was such fun with the kids. They enjoyed hunting for eggs, showing off a pretty dress, and digging through the grass in the Easter basket. The last picture is my one of favorites. The kids are just patiently waiting as I try to get ready for church.

photo (9)
Yep, pretty much.

photo (10)  photo (19) photo (20)photo (17)
While in Cincinnati we have to have all of our favorite foods! Here are pictures of Skyline, Graeter’s, LaRosa’s and Smashburger! I make Skyline at home, but it’s so nice to get it in the restaurant. It’s no wonder my pants are tight. Cincinnati has some fattening foods! And Lynchburg seriously needs a Smashburger. It blows Five Guys out of the water any day.

photo (12)photo (16)
These are two of my favorite pictures from the week.

Have a great weekend!