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We had such a fun week! Here is a little bit of what went on!

powdered sugar
I’ve been caught! I set the lid to the powdered sugar down on our hot glass top stove (totally forgetting it was hot!) and burned a hole right through it. I put plastic wrap on top of the container and then put the lid with the hole on top of the container. Well, our kids figured out how to their hands into it and had a fun time spreading powdered sugar all over the kitchen and themselves. And the dog had fun licking it up off the floor!

snowsnow 2
This is what we woke up to on Monday morning.  It snowed on Palm Sunday and Monday was a spring wonderland. Such a pretty March snow!

photo (13) photo (19)
We had a fun ice cream night with the kids!

cast iron
Have I mentioned I love my cast iron skillet? I’m enjoying trying new things in my skillet. We had this bread again this week with pasta!

photo (15)photo (16)
The kids have been having egg hunts already and now that’s all they want to do! How fun to watch them play together.

photo (17)
Yummy blueberry pancakes! So nice not to have to make breakfast!

photo (21)
The kids enjoyed coloring Easter Eggs!

Happy Easter!