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Skillet Focaccia 2

I was recently given a cast iron skillet. A good friend gave it to me because I needed it for one recipe I wanted to make. She had an extra skillet and didn’t need this one. It’s old and I think that is really cool. I wish I knew more of it’s history, like what has been cooked in it, who used it and where exactly it came from. Since making one recipe with the cast iron skillet, I was not sure what else to do with it. But, lately I can’t stop using it. This thing is awesome! And if you have one, you know that a cast iron skillet is a wonderful thing to have in your kitchen arsenal.

Skillet Focaccia 3

We love bread in this house. Well, everyone except for my son. He just doesn’t like it. He never has. I have been baking our own bread for almost 2 years now. I don’t remember the last time I bought bread at the store. I have nothing against it, I just enjoy the process of making bread. I enjoy mixing the dough. I enjoy watching the dough come together as you knead it. I enjoy letting the dough rise. I enjoy rolling the dough and feeling the softness of the dough. And I enjoy watching it bake in the oven. The whole process is very relaxing and therapeutic.

This skillet focaccia is quick and easy. Especially if you have a stand mixer with a dough attachment. But if you don’t, no worries. You can knead it by hand; it will just take a few extra minutes. The dough rises in a warm oven which is how this is such a fast bread to make. A warmer environment means a faster rise of the dough. The cast iron helps create a nice crisp crust on the bottom and sides of the bread. And the top of the bread is brushed with a butter, Parmesan and seasoning mixture. This bread is fantastic with any type of Italian meal. I have made this several times over the last month and have also served it with chicken. Or if you are like us, it is fantastic for a snack!

skillet foccacia1

Skillet Focaccia 

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