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Whew! It’s been a fast and busy week around here.

My family was in town last week for a whirlwind trip. You can read about it here.


We sold our car this week! I have had this car since I was 16! As everyone keeps telling me, it’s just a hunk of metal. But, it’s a hunk of metal with a lot of memories. This car has been with me and my husband through high school, college, our wedding, my first real job, a move to another state, a dog, and 2 babies. I never expected to have this car for half my life (how is that even possible?!) but it was a great car!

Stephen Pizza
Stephen thoroughly enjoyed this pizza that was bigger than his head!

photo (59)
These two love to look out the front door together! So sweet!

Do you like Hawaiian Sweet Bread? Check this out! You can make it at home! This is definitely going on my bread baking list.

And speaking of bread, this was the hit recipe of the week! This biscuit recipe was over the top good.

Did you see my Mom’s Chocolate Chip cookies? They are incredible!

photo (60)
Flowers have already started blooming. I thought I would bring a few inside before our snow tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend!

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