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Chocolate Mint Chocolate Cookies

These cookies made an appearance at our house and for youth group just in time for St. Patrick’s day! Are you a fan of the chocolate/mint combo? I am! The great thing about the cookies is that they can be made for both Christmas and St. Patrick’s day. Plus you can change the color of the chocolate dipping and make it for any time of the year!

Every year for Christmas one of our former teens, Lauren, brings us a plate of cookies. These cookies were part of the plate this past Christmas. I could not get enough of them.  I had never seen anything like them. When trying to find them on Google, I couldn’t find anything like them. They were truly unique. I was so excited when Lauren shared the recipe for these cookies.

These cookies remind me of the ever popular Thin Mints. It has a crispy cookie on the inside with a candy and chocolate coating on the outside. It’s hard to eat just one. Try it! You will see!

Chocolate Mint Chocolate Cookies

The Recipe for Chocolate Mint Chocolate Cookies can be found at our new site – KathysKitchenTable.com. Please make sure to update your links & bookmarks!