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Emma's Birthday Cake

I am not very creative. Especially when it comes to things like decorating. It doesn’t matter what I’m decorating, I’m just not creative. My walls are bare, my mantle just holds things we don’t want the kids or dogs to get and when it comes to decorating cakes, I’m lost. This year, thanks to Pinterest, I felt I had some sort of chance in decorating my daughter’s birthday cake. And since I am sure that there are other people out there like me (or at least I hope), I thought I would show you how I decorated my daughter’s birthday cake.

I combined two ideas that I saw on Pinterest. You can find them here and here. And since I am horrible at frosting cakes, I decided that it needed to be completely covered in sprinkles. Just a warning, if you ever use this many sprinkles for a cake you will be finding them for days to come. They multiply.

cake with cookie cutter

To make the shape of the “2” (or whatever number you need) simply put a cookie cutter on the cake prior to laying down any sprinkles. Once the cookie cutter is in place, carefully add the sprinkles, trying not to get inside the cookie cutter. You may need to press the sprinkles into the frosting so they will stick.

birthday cake2

Once the cake is coated in sprinkles, remove the cookie cutter. I had a few sprinkles fall in the cookie cutter, but that’s ok!

I hope this helps you create a simple, but pretty birthday cake!

I’m sharing this at Chef-in-Training’s Tuesday Talent Show