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Chicken Posole

This is one our favorite meals. My husband always gets excited when he sees that I have purchased a can of hominy from the store because he knows we are having Posole for dinner in the near future. I feel like Super Mom when I make this meal because it is so easy to just dump everything quickly into the slow cooker, it is loaded with vegetables, it’s healthy, and EVERYONE eats it! Another good thing? The only thing you need to do at dinner time for this meal is cook the rice. How easy is that? In my house, the hours of 4:00 – 6:00 pm tend to be a bit crazy so anything to make it easier when it comes to getting on the table is a big help.

As you can probably already tell, my family loves Mexican food. This dish is no exception. The original recipe (any many that you can find online) is a soup, but we like to serve it over rice. My kids tend eat most anything if it has rice under it! The posole is not spicy at all, but feel free to add green chiles to increase the spiciness.

Slow Cooker Chicken Posole

The Recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken Posole can be found at our new site – KathysKitchenTable.com. Please make sure to update your links & bookmarks!