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Cincinnati Chili

Have you ever lived in a city or town that is famous for a certain type or style of food? Have you ever moved away from that city craving the famous food? My husband and I moved away from Cincinnati over 7 years ago. While we cannot believe it has been so long, we still crave certain foods and flavors of that city. Cincinnati is famous for several food related items. Chili, Graeter’s Ice Cream and LaRosa’s Pizza being just a few. Since moving here, our local Kroger has started carrying the cans of Skyline. I just don’t think that is the same coming out of a can. Plus, we have also found pints of Graeter’s at Kroger! Now, if I could just figure out how to replicate a LaRosa’s cheese pizza at home I would be all set!

I have found over the years that if you are craving something that is usually from a restaurant, just make it at home! While this recipe is not exactly like the restaurant, it is pretty close. The flavors of Cincinnati Chili are as unique as the way it is served. There are no beans in this chili (although you can add them), the spices are not something you would find in a traditional chili and chocolate is even used! You serve this chili over spaghetti noodles and top the whole dish with shredded cheese. This is traditionally know as a 3-Way. If you want to add beans, feel free; that would be called a 4-Way. And you must serve this chili with Oyster crackers. It’s a rule.

Enjoy this little taste of Cincinnati!

Cincinnati Chili

The Recipe for Cincinnati Chili can be found at our new site – KathysKitchenTable.com. Please make sure to update your links & bookmarks!