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Cheddar Cheese Veggie Soup

My family loves soup. I know that when I make soup everyone will eat it! And when you have two somewhat picky children, that is a blessing.

This soup comes together very quickly. I have found that if I chop the veggies up in the morning this is such an easy dinner to bring to the table. And when kids are running around and being crazy just because it is that time of day, a quick and easy dinner is what I am looking for.

This is such a creamy, thick soup that is perfect for a cold night. I usually serve this soup with some type of roll but I decided to try it with the pretzel bites this time. Such a good decision! The cheddar cheese paired nicely with salty, buttery pretzel bites.

Cheddar Cheese and Veggie Soup 2

Cheddar Cheese and Veggie Soup

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