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My parents are in town for the long weekend. It is so nice to have them here for a little bit. We all had dinner tonight around my brother and sister-in-law’s table. My sister-in-law made this incredible dessert. You should really try it!

The flowers in the picture above were the centerpiece. My sister-in-law always does such a nice job decorating her tables. But what I noticed was not the flowers but rather the clock right behind the flowers.

This clock made me think of a couple of things in relation to time.

First, these past 2 weeks have been trying for many different reasons. But, no matter how trying the time has been God has watched over and protected us along the way.

Second, I am so grateful that my brother and his wife now live so close. What a blessing. And God planned that out in his time.

Finally, I am thankful that my parents are here to visit to spend time with us. We miss them greatly and cherish the time we have with them here.

Enjoy the time you have with your family and loved ones this weekend!